Building Sunrise Creche

As a church community, we’re supporting the building of Sunrise Creche – a pre-school near the town of Dweshula, in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa. Due to Covid 19 travel restrictions, we are not able to send a team to help with the construction , but we hope that this page will help keep you up to date with the build progress.

February 2020

Just prior to the national lockdown to fight the spread of Covid 19, the team at Impande South Africa managed to get an excavator on site to move the tonnes of earth required to provide a level site for the new building and to improve access to the site from the main road.

March 2020

After a two week delay due to torrential rains (causing the excavator to get stuck on site!), the building team was able to move in and start the preparatory work for the building’s foundation.  Many tonnes of concrete was then mixed on site, the foundation laid and left to settle. At this stage, all work was halted due to the South African government’s national lockdown. 

May 2020

In early May, several weeks of lockdown began to be lifted.  Building blocks, that had been on order for weeks, were able to be delivered to site and construction work started. The bricklayers made short work of putting up the external walls and three classrooms plus a kitchen and a sickbay started to take shape. The school must have one of the best views in the country!

Within a couple of weeks, the externals walls were completed and the structure of the roof put in place.