How do I find out more about becoming a Christian/the Bible/God?

Home Cell Groups

Our Home Cells Groups are microcosms of the Church seeking to Act on God’s Word as it is studied and applied to daily life; to be Welcoming and pastorally caring for each another; to Worship God through praying together for one another and wider issues (openly or silently); and to Witness to the Lord with encouragement form the group or to be a witness through a group activity.

Our Home Cell Groups have undergone a face –lift and with new groups and newleaders now is a great time to give them a go if you haven’t before. Groups will meet in Annahilt, Legacurry and Lisburn.  There will be new places, faces and a new feel to the groups. As we set out on a new term seeking to ‘Act on God’s Word’ why not try a Home Cell group. Speak to Rev. Liddle or Richard & Suzanne Reid who will seek to match you up with a good fit.

Home Cells start on Thursday 10th September and run fortnightly.