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Legacurry AGM

You will have received a ‘MISSION & VISION PAPER’ recently adopted by Kirk Session and considered at Committee. Following our discussions in recent years about accommodation needs the Kirk Session was asked to go back and consider our Mission & Vision in order to set our accommodation needs into context. This we have done.   We have tried to outline our aspirations for the next five years on the basis of WORD, WELCOME, WORSHIP and WITNESS. To meet these aspirations we will face challenges, some of which will not relate to accommodation and some that will.

We plan to set aside part of the AGM on Monday 13th April to allow for questions and discussion of this paper and the way forward. So please read it prayerfully and plan to come along so we can seek to be of one heart and mind in looking to the future.

Having adopted the Mission & Vision Paper Kirk Session and Committee has formed another Accommodation Sub-Group comprised of members of Session, Committee and wider Congregation to explore the accommodation implications of the paper. A report of where the sub-group has reached will be brought to the AGM.