Forgiveness & Healing

10th January 2016 – Morning Service: Graeme McLellan takes Luke’s account of Jesus’ healing of the ten lepers as his text as he speaks about Forgiveness and Healing.

Walking in Obedience in 2016

Daniel 3v13-18 Faith is not safe, faith is costly, but our God is able and our God is GOD. Daily each one of us faces the choice of living for things that end when we die; or living for the things that live on afterwards.  We face the daily choice of living for good or…

Strange Dreams

Matthew 1v18-25 In this passage we are given a shining example of a righteous man… Joseph. Someone who was steeped in the law but found that righteousness was about more than simply the law, it was also about obedience to the law-giver – the King himself. Joseph shows true righteousness as he shows grace to…

Marriage in the New Testament

Marriage is always secondary to the advancement of the Kingdom.  Marriage is an important tool which displays the heart of the Kingdom.  And marriage is always centred on Christ. We should be able to explain by our marriages, how the Kingdom works, to an unbelieving world.

Marriage in the Old Testament

What is marriage? Is it a legal institution the government can re-define at will?  If a couple live together, have children but never have a wedding ceremony of any kind, are they married? And does it matter?  And what differentiation of persons constitutes marriage? Right at the beginning of the bible we have the fundamental…

Breaking through the barriers

Jesus Christ is full of mercy and grace.  Anyone who comes to Jesus in genuine need and humility will not be turned away.  Jesus says, “..whoever comes to me I will never drive away.” Jn.6v37.  So let us come with reverence, passion, perseverance, humility and faith.


If you have seen the Mission & Vision document released a few months ago you will have seen that we are launching out with a new Mission Statement: ‘Legacurry Presbyterian Church – Acting on God’s Word – Welcoming Worshipping, Witnessing’ It says something about who we are, why we exist, what we are doing, where…