How do I find out more about becoming a Christian/the Bible/God?

Sermons on Jesus

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Church at Home 4

Philip Boyd speaks to us from John 1:19-34.  During the service Lauren Liddle leads the children’s talk, Miriam Pattison reads to us from scripture, Stephen gives us an update on what is happening with Legacurry Youth, and we have an update from the Morales Family as Bobby catches up with them online.

Strange Dreams

Matthew 1v18-25 In this passage we are given a shining example of a righteous man… Joseph. Someone who was steeped in the law but found that righteousness was about more than simply the law, it was also about obedience to the law-giver – the King himself. Joseph shows true righteousness as he shows grace to…

Breaking through the barriers

Jesus Christ is full of mercy and grace.  Anyone who comes to Jesus in genuine need and humility will not be turned away.  Jesus says, “..whoever comes to me I will never drive away.” Jn.6v37.  So let us come with reverence, passion, perseverance, humility and faith.