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Worship This Month

Worship Services for July 2019

Sunday 7th July

 11.00 a.m.       Luke Here – the Son of GodLuke 5:12-32
(Phillip Boyd)

 8.15 p.m.        Nightcap


Sunday 14th July

11.00 a.m.        Luke here – The Son of God:  Luke 5:33-39
(Rev. Bobby Liddle) 

  5.30 p.m.        Annahilt Residential Home    (Worship Team)

8.15 p.m.        Nightcap


Sunday 21st July

11.00 a.m.         Luke here – The Son of God:  Luke 6:1-11
(Rev. Bobby Liddle)

8.15 p.m.        Nightcap


Sunday 28th July         

 11.00 a.m.       Luke here – The Son of God: Luke 6:17-26
(Michael McCormick)

8.15 p.m.        Nightcap

Legacurry Watch / Listen Again
Our website www.legacurry.church has a sermon archive where you can catch up or watch / listen again to most of the messages from our morning services.