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Worship Services for December 2018

Sunday 2nd December
 11.00 a.m.      Listening to the voice of God            (Rev. Bobby Liddle)
Habakkuk 3   – Communion
                         6.30 p.m.       Praise Service – Revive Us Lord           (Michael McCormick)
The Message of Revival
Sunday 9th December
11.00 a.m.       A Welcome Message – Luke 1:1-25           (Michael McCormick)
Sacrament of Baptism
                          5.30 p.m.        Annahilt Residential Home          (Prayer Ministry Team)   
  6.30 p.m.       Revive Us Lord         (Rev. Bobby Liddle)
The Power Behind Revival


Sunday 16th December
11.00 a.m.        A Unique Baby – Luke 1:26-45              (Rev. Bobby Liddle)
  6.30 p.m        Revive Us Lord         (Michael McCormick)
The Role of Prayer In Revival
Sunday 23rd  December
11.00 a.m.        A Song Of A Servant – Luke 1:46-56        (Michael McCormick)
   6.30 p.m.       Carol Service              (Rev. Bobby Liddle)
Monday 24th December
 11.15 p.m.       United Christmas Eve Communion Service at the Glebe
Tuesday 25th December
10.30 a.m.        Christmas Morning Family Service           (Rev. Bobby Liddle)
 A Saviour Born – Luke 2:1-21
Sunday 30th December
11.00 a.m.        A Happy End And Beginning                     (Rev. Bobby Liddle)
Luke 2:22-40

Monday 31st December
                      6.30 p.m.            United New Year’s Eve Service with the Glebe

Legacurry Watch / Listen Again
Our website www.legacurry.church has a sermon archive where you can catch up or watch / listen again to most of the messages from our morning services.