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Posts from January 2016

Burkina Team Wednesday Update

Be thankful for a successful first well drilled. it was a day of highs and lows as we first of all got water, then appeared to lose much of it again before cleaning out what will be a very good well at a sanctuary for young vulnerable girls. Peter testing and cleaning out the well: […]

Burkina Team Monday Update

Today we spent the morning doing final preparations and set off after lunch to the first site not far from the base. We have been joined by the other part of the team from Ohio By the end of the day we had made a good start on the first well with only small delays […]

Burkina Faso Team Arrival

Hi all The team arrived in Ouagadougou yesterday evening . Today we attended a wonderful children’s focused service at Pastor Philippe’s church and had the opportunity to pass on the greetings of Legacurry to the congregation there. Tomorrow the well drilling work is planned to start at a site at Gampela, near Ouagadougou, before going […]