Wilson and Irene have been serving with OMF ( Overseas Missionary Fellowship) in the Philippines for over 30 years. They are originally from Antrim and are members of 1st Antrim Presbyterian Church.

Initially they worked as church planters with the Manobo tribe  in the southern island of Mindanao. This involved learning both Tagalog, the main language of the Philippines as well as a tribal language. Home for many years was a simple wooden hut built on stilts and it was here their 3 children of Owen, Anna- Claire and Gavin were born.

Eventually they returned to Ireland and served as Home Directors here, while Wilson enrolled on doctorate studies.

Having completed his PhD they returned once more to Mindanao- this time to Davao. Here Wilson was appointed Academic Dean at Koinonia Bible Seminary and Irene was appointed Field Director for the Philippines. This involves liaising with local churches and heading up a multi- cultural missionary team.

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