Sunday School restarts in September with a Registration form needing to be completed prior to attending which can be done online here:

Sunday School starts around 11.15am, with children leaving the main service after the children’s address and worship song.

The Sunday School leader is Kathryn Wallace. Her email address is

Sunday School Classes

Age GroupMeeting Room
Pre-school & P1 (3+*)Upstairs Room in Main Hall
P2 & P3Youth Hall
P4 & P5Old School Room/History Room (up the steps at the back of the church)
P6, P7 & Y8Main Hall
*a child can join into this class when they turn 3 years old at any stage throughout the year


You are welcome to provide a filled water bottle for your child to bring with them. Sunday School leaders may on occasion provide snacks or sweets. Please ensure you complete the allergen section of the consent form and contact Kathryn Wallace (details above) if there are any changes to your childrens allergens.

Nuts are not permitted in the buildings, even if they are only for your own children.

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