Acting on God’s Word- Welcoming, Worshipping, Witnessing

At Legacurry we have a simple Mission Statement:
Acting on God’s Word – Welcoming Worshipping, Witnessing,

  • Growing in faith through engagement with God’s Word.
  • Being a family of faith in which everyone is Welcome.
  • Glorifying God through Christ-centred Worship.
  • Spreading the Kingdom of God through our Witness.

In May / June 2015 Bobby unpacked each of these elements of our Church’s mission in his morning sermons which you can listen to below, along with the help of members of the congregation who described a little about what each part means to them.

God’s Word

Sermon from 24th May 2015:



Sermon from 31st May 2015:


Sermon from 7th June 2015:



Sermon from 21st June 2015: