How do I find out more about becoming a Christian/the Bible/God?

Based on the current guidelines in place we are not able to meet face to face at the current time.  Face to face activities will only resume where appropriate social distancing and other measures set out in the guidelines can be followed.  We are continuing to work on our plans to recommence and will only start face-to-face activities when this becomes appropriate.  See further guidance at  

Taking this into account we want to be able to engage with the boys and have fellowship with them until we can meet again face-to-face.   As a result we will be meeting virtually using Zoom on Friday nights at the following times: 

  • Anchor Boys                7.00pm 
  • Junior Section             7.30pm 
  • Company Section        8.15pm 

The following guidelines will be followed in relation to virtual sessions: 

  • Parents’ / guardian’s email addresses will be used to send the meeting invite. 
  • There will always be a minimum of two registered leaders present during each session. 
  • For children under 11 it is best practice for a parent / guardian to be in the room when they are taking part in an activity online. 
  • Sessions will not be recorded and children and young people will not be able to record or take screenshots. 
  • A record of who attended each virtual session will be kept. 

BB at home activities are still available at and have some great activities and challenges. 

Please contact Gareth Martin (Captain) on or 07966 066265 with any queries.