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Mission Focus: Brian & Maria Liggett – South Africa

Brian and Maria are members of our church family at Legacurry. They live in South Africa and work with a charity called Network Action Group. They have 2 young children Ezra and Aaron.

Brian, Maria and their children live in a tribal village called Kwanzimakwe. The village is part of a Zulu community. Brian and Maria were the first white family to move into the village with the desire to live and raise their family in the middle of the community where they had a desire to serve.

South Africa has, as we have in Northern Ireland, had its problems and communities are still divided. This division continues into worship, with urban churches not meeting the needs of those from tribal communities.

There are many social problems and this is dominated by HIV / Aids. Somewhere in the region of 45% in the area where Brian and Maria serve are impacted by this and the problem leads to further social issues. Many of the people who suffer from HIV / Aids are the breadwinners and parents in the families, which can ultimately lead to divided families.

Brian is part of the staff of the Network Action Groups (NAG). He is a development worker and Maria is a trained social worker.  NAG work with community based organisations in the Ugu district. Their aim is to facilitate and enable local organisations to develop, strengthen and improve life, living conditions and future prospects for those in the local community. Some of the programmes include, developing future leaders, equipping and building school facilities.

Alongside the work with NAG, Brian and Maria have been sharing their Christian faith over the years by discipling young people in the local community. Many of the young adults find that they do not fit in with local Zulu churches and equally they do not fit with the urban churches. Through discipleship Brian and Maria are equipping people to grow in their own Christian journey, to serve where they live and disciple others as they themselves become disciple makers.

We would ask you to please  support Brian and Maria in prayer as they seek to serve God in Kwanzimakwe.