Housekeeping Rota

Church & Halls Housekeeping Rota 2020

Thank you for volunteering to help keep our church buildings clean – it is very much appreciated. There’s a list of what usually needs to be done each week on the noticeboards in the church and in the halls. There’s also a copy on the website. If you come across any issues which you can’t resolve, could you please contact Charlie Barbour.


 6th January John Smith & Tracey Jennings
13th January Robert & Ann McCullagh
20th January Barbra Hanna & Victoria Dickson
27th January Alison Sloan & Vi Watton
 3rd  February Claire Henderson & John / Susan Rodgers
10th February Philip & Susan Brown
17th February Valerie Crawford & Elaine Cranston
24th February David & Gillian Hunter
 6th March Richard Reid & Michael Davidson
13th March Gordon & Elaine Dickson
20th March Maurice & Joan Long
 27th March Roy & Ruth Montgomery
4th April Joe & Marlene Crawford
11th April Vacant
18th April David & Sharon Martin
25th  April Michael & Joanne Patterson
4th May Robert & Ann McCullagh
11th May Richard & Wendy Hanna
18th May Bobby & Ann Liddle
25th May Ann Wilson & Sharon Mahaffy
1st June Barbara Wyatt & Bertha Walker
8th June Dorothy McLaughlin & Winifred Poole
15th June Ronald & Judith McCoosh
22nd June Vacant
29th June Gareth & Samantha Martin
6th July Joanne McConaghy
13th July Don McCallum & Ray Allen
20th July Margaret Johnston & Hazel Thompson
27th July Jim & Daphne Hamilton
3rd August Ann Gray & Alison Todd
10th August Billy & Joy Rodgers
17th August Gillian Scott & Pamela Boyd
24th August Alan & Barbara Little
31st  August John & Pauline Ferguson
7th September Desi & Irene Martin
14th September Alex & Mandy Johnston
21st September Tim & Sheila Kyle
28th September Martin & Heather Campbell
5th October John & Pauline Ferguson
12th October James & Mary Urey
19th October Pamela McGrath & Diane Mitchell
26th October David & Sharon Martin
2nd  November Roy & Ruth Montgomery
9th November Vacant
16th November Angela & Bill Watson
23rd November Vacant
 30th November Frazer & Marie McCammond
7th December Roy & Jennifer Patterson
14th December Julian & Lynn Gray
21st  December Alan & Alison Campbell
28th December Lawrence & Susan Campbell