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Housekeeping At Legacurry

Housekeeping At Legacurry

Thank-you for volunteering to help keep our church buildings clean. This is a list of what usually needs to be done each week. If you come across any issues which you can’t resolve, could you please contact Susan Campbell  by email to

Access to the church & halls – If you need access please contact Don. There is a full set of keys reserved for our housekeeping teams so could you please pass these on to someone from the next group on the rota.

Where should be cleaned?

In the church 

  • Vacuum the carpets and floors including the balcony, choir room, minister’s room, toilets and vestibule.
  • Clean the toilets and sinks, replace the hand towels and toilet rolls as required.
  • Dust and polish as necessary.
  • Remove any out of date paperwork from the pews or vestibule.

The vacuum cleaner and the cleaning materials are in the store room, just off the choir roomThe light switches for the church are in the vestibule on the right hand side.

In the main church hall

  • Vacuum the entrance hall, minor hall and stairs.
  • Clean the toilets and sinks, replace toilet rolls as required.
  • Mop the toilet floors.
  • Change the hand towels in the toilets and kitchen. There are clean towels in the kitchen cupboards. It would be great if you could wash the soiled towels at home.
  • Dust and polish as necessary.
  • Check the stage area is clean and remove any rubbish as required.

 The vacumn cleaner and the cleaning materials are in the store room in the kitchen.

Waste Disposal – please put any rubbish into our wheelie bins – they’re located at the gate beside the rear entrance of the church. It’s important to use the correct household waste or recycling bins.

And finally – your health and safety is of most importance so please don’t attempt to undertake any tasks which you feel might put you at risk.

Thank you so much for your help today – it is very much appreciated.