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Posts from July 2020

Kid’s Worksheets

As we reopen, there unfortunately will be no creché or children’s church.  So to help your kids sit through the service we are making these worksheets available for you to download and print out. Fill in the gaps Be joyful verse Helping hands Love Serve one another

Booking Church

As strange as it still feels,  at 7pm on 29th July, places will be available for Sunday Worship for the next three weeks. We’d kindly ask you to consider booking only one of this initial three weeks batch to allow as many people to return as possible. We will let you know if any still remain…

Holiday Bible Club

Legacurry’s Holiday Bible Club is only a couple of weeks away! As you will have heard from Michelle on a recent Church at Home, this year it will be virtual. It will be provided via our youtube channel but the videos will be private meaning that we need anyone who would like their kids to…