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From the Rev. Bobby Liddle.

Dear Friends,


Many of us will remember the scene when Father Ted tries to explain to Father Dougal the difference between a small toy cow close-up and a real one that was far away but looked the same size as the toy one.  Perspective is important!

Chemical bombs dropped in Syria, war ships gathering off the coast of North Korea, famine in East Africa, political posturing at Stormont, and the announcement that Theresa May will be seeking a General Election in June.

Our problems remain our problems but seeing them against the backdrop of a bigger canvas helps to bring them into perspective.  The issues we have at Legacurry regarding expanding our witness, fulfilling our vision and mission to the local community remain our issues.  We can work our way through them together.  Together we must pray and we will find solutions but no chemical warfare will be used, there will be no threat of nuclear explosions and probably no-one will go hungry unless we choose to fast.

Perspective is also important when we look at our own personal problems.  Some of us are sick, some housebound, some in constant pain, some looking for work, some looking to get away from work, some struggling to make ends meet, some struggling with relationships in the family or work or wherever. The list goes on!  Our problems remain our problems, but seeing them against the backdrop of a bigger canvas helps to bring perspective.  Some of them we will work through with the help and support of others.  Some we may just have to live with.

But from God’s perspective the greatest of our human issues is that of alienation.  We are alienated from Him, separated from Him because we cannot and will not keep His laws; we are incapable of doing so because our natural bent is away from Him.  We can’t work through that together no matter what support or help we have.  But, He has done something about it! Once we were alienated from God and were enemies in our minds because of our evil behaviour. But now He has reconciled us by Christ’s physical body through death to present us holy in His sight, without blemish and free from accusation – if we continue in our faith, established and firm, and not moved from the hope held out in the gospel that we heard. (Col. 1v21-23 (tense and italics added))

How important perspective is!

Yours in His service,

Bobby Liddle

A Thought For May
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