Dear Friends,

Recently at New Horizon, the Rev. Sam Allberry said that, ‘Some think they can be Christians and not serve but that is not to be a Christian at all.’  The other side of the coin of course is that some think they can serve without following Christ, but that is just ‘dogoodery’ from the wrong motives.’

The eternal Lord Jesus Christ came, not to be served, but to serve and give His life as a ransom for many. Matt. 20:28. He is our supreme example. In every church everyone should have at least one way in which they are serving. As we start our new term in our morning services, we will look for a few weeks at the whole area of Christian service – seeing that it is Humble Service, Diverse Service, Purposeful Service and Sacrificial Service.

In a complementary way we will be looking at the area of Discipleship in the evening services at the start of term.  Last term a number of Session, Committee and Congregation went to the Disciple-Makers Network hosted by PCI over four evenings.  Kirk Session also met one Sunday evening in the month to talk about our own walk as disciples.  As we heard on Sunday morning, 19th August, the Great Commission Jesus gave to all believers was to make disciples as they are going through their normal, everyday lives. Of course, it takes effort to change from a maintenance to a mission mindset. How as a disciple of Jesus am I making disciples or building up disciples… as I go in my normal way?

It must have been happening to some extent for the past 175 years for us to be here. So how can we be even more intentional in glorifying God by leading others to be His disciples for our part of the next 175?

Food for thought, conviction and action!

Yours in His name,

Bobby Liddle



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