Loving Jesus, loving others

Moderator’s letter regarding Refugee Crisis

Dear Colleague, As you are aware the Refugee crisis has dominated the news over the past days and as a Church we have sought to say something meaningful, recognising the complexity of the situation. (You can read the Moderator’s statement here bit.ly/1PPovbk). Both European leaders and world leaders need to address this evolving situation, seeking […]


Dear Friends, Paul explained to the Christians at Colosse that he had become a servant of the gospel by the commission God gave him to present to them the word of God in its fullness. Col. 1v25 Pretty well that is still the calling and commission of every minister of the gospel. I have kept […]

Witnessing up, not forcing down

Called to be different Recently I’ve been looking at passages and reading commentaries to help me to understand more about our call as Christians to be different in society.  What form that difference should take and how we should react to the changing world around us.  After having been recently voted to be an elder of […]

The Treasure is in the Risk

If you have a bible go to John 4 we are going to read starting at verse 5 to verse 30 and then moving on to verse 39 – 42. I’m going to read from The Message version. This is the word of God. Now, there is no way we can even scratch the surface […]


Dear Friends, ‘Ch,ch,ch,ch, changes,turn and face the strain, ch,ch, changes.’ Those of a similar era to me will recognise the words of the David Bowie song from 1971, a mere 44 years ago… ! We are going through a time of significant ‘Ch,ch,ch,ch, changes’ at Legacurry.  Having had the same Mission Statement for over 10 […]

Eldership Part 2

In this second glimpse at what the New Testament says about elders in the church we first look at character. Leadership is all about character. We do not look for someone who has achieved important status in the world outside the church, nor do we look for high academic achievement or even superb gifts. We […]


Dear Friends, The spiritual leadership of any congregation of God’s people is highly important. As we pray and look forward to this most important time in the life of our congregation we will reflect a little in our News Sheets on what the Scriptures teach us about the eldership. The eldership was founded to follow […]