With my parents, sisters, brother in law, nephews and nieces

Our dear friends, here we are again to tell you how we are.

Thanks God we had a good time with our family on Christmas time and a week of holidays, it was a nice time. I also spent my birthday there, I celebrated my 50th birthday and I was very happy. On February 1st we celebrated our 25th anniversary. We are very grateful to God for his love, faithfulness and merciful with us through all these years. It was a day of thankfulness to God and although we could not travel as we wanted, we spent a nice time in a place outside of the city. 

During these months I ́ve been traveling to Trujillo several times to take care of my dad. After 6 chemotherapies, doctors did 3 CT scans and the result was encouraging. The size of the tumor had considerably decreased and now surgery is next step. Surgery will remove his entire stomach due to the position of the tumor, these coming days the doctors will give us the date of surgery. 

Cesar and I had some exams too, Cesar must have annual medical exams in order to prevent the presence of cancer. And in my case, a nodule that I have had in my esophagus for 6 years grew from 1 cm to 3 cm. I must have an exam called eco endoscopy but it is difficult to do it. There are only 5 echoendoscopes in Peru, and there are restrictions in hospitals on invasive exams due to covid. We are looking for how to do it. Cesar dad is working very hard in order to get school ready for new academic year. Several repairs have to be done before March and time flies. He hopes to get more students enrolled than last year but he is not sure about that because our economy is not improved as we expect. Our government is still giving uncertain signs to foreign investors and political stability looks quite weak. Regarding COVID 19, it seems figures are decreasing, so we expect to go back to school as well as to jobs. 

César Jr is working online due to Covid restrictions. He is serving in the church as part of youth ministry. He has a girlfriend; she is a good Christian too. 

Carlos is on vacation, he is learning to drive, he is advancing a course at the university, and he is also serving in the church 

Prayer requests: 

  • Thank God for his love, fidelity and mercy towards us in these 25 years 
  • For Cesar dad, may God helps him giving His wisdom for leading San Andres school, may the school has all done before they have to start classes and they could cover the students they need. 
  • For my dad, Carlos Rondon, may he believe in God and accept Him as his savior, may he resist the operation and the following chemo that will come after the surgery. 
  • For getting my echo endoscopy exam done and that I could receive proper treatment in a timely manner. 
  • May God continues to supply our needs as he always does, and He guide me in order to find a job that allows me to help my husband with household expenses. 
  • Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support on our behalf. And give thanks with us to our faithful God who tests our faith, not to crush it, but to strengthen it.

With love:The Morales family 

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