God willing, next year we plan to send a team to South Africa in July 2020 to support our mission workers Brian and Maria Liggett.
At the heart of this project is the rebuilding of a childcare facility, Sunrise Creche – a chance to give generations of young children a better start to life. In many parts of South Africa, life for young children can be very tough. A generation of parents died because of the Aids pandemic and many others are forced to travel long distances from their homes to find employment. Because of this, many young children are being raised without the much-needed support from their mothers or fathers. If they are fortunate, they will attend a community run care facility, called a creche, where they get a meal and a basic level of education.
Because there is little government funding available, most of these buildings are in very poor condition, have limited sanitation and are not a suitable or safe facility for the care of pre-school children. We’re planning to work in partnership with the local community and the Network Action Group (NAG) to rebuild one of these creches and turn this mud-walled building into a modern, fit for purpose, childcare facility. We also plan to install modern toilets, a rain-water collection tank to provide clean drinking water and a playground. This is the type of new building  we are aiming to help build.
Running alongside our building project, we also hope to further support our friends at NAG by providing some teacher training for creche leaders. We’re working to put together a teaching plan that’s suitable for pre-school children and that can also be used in creches where resources are very limited. Finally, we also plan to provide some basic first-aid training and kits so that immediate help can be at hand at creches which are often many miles from the nearest medical facility. This is a big commitment for our church and we need the help of all our church family to make it happen.
We need people to PRAY – to ask God to guide and bless our commitment to this mission project.
We need people to GO – to be part of our building, teaching or first-aid teams.
We need people to GIVE – to help us fundraise and to commit to personal giving for this project for the next ten months.
If you would like to play your part in Project Sunrise then have a word with Bobby Liddle. John Ferguson or Alex Johnston and we’ll suggest some ways that you might like to consider helping out.
Project Sunrise – South Africa Mission Trip 2020

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