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Posts from December 2020

Inside Legacurry Church

Church Services in January 2021

January sees us continue our series in Hebrews. We also have provisional plans to restart Sunday evening services, but as always, these are subject to review and the latest restrictions. Don’t forget to book your seats and Sunday school places too, for the Sunday services. Sunday 3rd 11am morning service(No Sunday school) Meet in the…

Church Services in December 2020

There’s a bit of a mixture of services this month, between Christmas events and Covid restrictions, so we’ve outlined the services for December below, to help you plan ahead. They can also be found in the monthly news sheet, but do keep an eye on Facebook and the website for any changes, as regulations are…

Joseph maze

Sunday School Resources 6th December 2020

Join us online via Facebook or YouTube, for our live broadcast this Sunday. For our Sunday school classes, you can still enjoy the activities and videos for this week’s stories: N-P2 P3-P4 P5-P7 Birth of JesusYouTube: Jesus is Born Luke 2:1-20 Joseph, King of DreamsYouTube: Part 1Part 2 PaulYouTube: The Book of Acts for Kids…