Father, from the very outset we want to bring before you our plans and hopes for Mission 2022.

We readily acknowledge that unless the Lord builds the house they labour in vain that build it – and unless You are with us in this venture we dare not begin.

Thank You for the good news of the gospel-this gospel which is the power of God unto salvation. This gospel which transforms lives, gives us hope, renews us and changes destinies. That makes men whole. Thank You Father that we have a gospel worth sharing and it is our prayer that many lives will be changed as a result of what we do.

Firstly Father we ask that you would begin to prepare our own hearts. That if our love for You has grown cold or casual or complacent that You would do a work in us also- that the flame of love would be rekindled. We readily acknowledge that we are not the people You would have us be and that our witness for You is so often marred by the sinfulness others see in us. That bit by bit we have given room in our lives to attitudes or habits which are unworthy of You. So as we prepare to show others the Way, help us to ensure that we too are walking in the Light. That we would be stepping stones to Christ and not stumbling blocks.

We also ask Father that You would be with us as we make plans for our outreach. That You would lead us to the right person or persons to preach and speak. Not necessarily those who are polished performers, but first and foremost people who have a heart to serve You.

Lord, we live in an age when many people have no time for the gospel, so help us think of imaginative and creative ways in which we can reach out to them.

Finally Father, we want to pray for the people of our church and community- particularly those who do not as yet know You. We ask that You would begin to be at work in people’s hearts. That Your still small voice would be heard amid the clamour of many other voices. That there would grow in people’s hearts a hunger for truth and righteousness and reality in worship. That they would see that a life lived without Jesus is not a life at all. That to be a doorkeeper in the house of the Lord is better than to dwell in the tents of the wicked, and that a single day in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere.

So Lord come and do a work we pray- both in us and in others.

 In Jesus’ Name we pray.

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