Children’s day will be on Sunday 13th June. To attend in person, pre-book your places here.

We would love to see participation from as many of our Sunday School aged children as possible throughout the service. One way that you can be involved, is by joining in with a song that we will be using and recording it for the service. Details on how to record and upload your song are below.

We will also be singing Brick by Brick, which you can watch here:

Click here for the sing-along track with actions

The words for the song are below:

My heart was dark with sin
Until the Saviour came in
His precious blood I know
Has washed me white as snow

And in God’s word I’m told
I’ll walk the street of gold
To grow in Christ every day
I read my Bible and pray

Ooooh listen now to the story of God’s love
Ooooh this is how to live in Jesus’ love

A new life God gave me
Life abundant and free
He wants his new life to grow
The Bible tells me so

Loving and trusting and praying
Witnessing and obeying
I’ll grow in knowledge and grace
Until I see his face

Ooooh listen now to the story of God’s love
Ooooh this how to live in Jesus’ love

*Repeat first section again*

Recording Your Video

Recording a video on your phone
  1. Please record the video in landscape (phone sideways) rather than portrait
  2. We would love to hear the children singing so please wear earphones when recording to be sure their voices can be heard
  3. There are 8 metronome beats at the start of the track. Coul dwe encourage everyone singing to clap along with the second 4 beats. So listen 1 2 3 4, clap 1 2 3 4.
  4. If your child only wants to participate in the actions they they do not need to wear earphones
  5. Please upload your video* to this Google Drive folder before 1st June.

*By uploading the video you are consenting for your child to be a part of the edited version which will be played during our church service live stream on 13th June.

Children’s Day 2021 Song Recording

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