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From the Rev. Bobby Liddle.


Dear Friends,

Trust is built on a number of things, one of which is honesty. A lack of honesty
breaks trust. How can we trust someone who lies to us? Think of a work colleague who regularly lies or bends the truth; a school or
college friend who consistently tells ‘porkies’.
You would be careful about the information you entrust to them and careful before you take them at their word. Again, think of a marriage. How can there be the unconditional trust that should exist between husband and wife when dishonesty is rife. Or what about public life? What about First Minister’s or MLA’s?
The book of Proverbs 16v13 says ‘Kings take pleasure in honest lips; they value a man who speaks the truth.’
The current debacle at Stormont within the DUP has been
saddening because Arlene Foster, Jonathan Bell and the Special Advisors cannot all be telling the truth. Whether a paper and e-mail trail can ever show exactly what happened we may never know. What does seem to be clear is that this matter is not a difference of opinion or perspective. Someone is telling lies. We are not so naïve as to think politicians are honest all of the time. They are fallen, sinful people like the rest of us and for them perhaps the temptations are greater. But when dishonesty is so blatant it breaks trust, so that when we hear someone say, ‘T h e t r u t h i s … ’ we cannot be certain it is the truth, because they have broken the trust.
Truth is of vital importance within Christ’s church. If His people cannot be trusted to tell the truth on smaller things why should anyone listen to our witness when we testify to eternal things.
Proverbs 12v17 says, ‘A truthful witness gives honest testimony, but a false witness tells lies.’
Let us pray for our elected representatives that they may set truth, honesty and
trust at high value. Whether at work, school, church or in the home let us
practice honesty and be known as people whose word can be trusted. Then, as
we give witness to the One who is the way, truth and life people may have a
better sense that we are truthful witnesses who give honest testimony

                                                    Yours in His name

                                                       Bobby Liddle

A Thought For January
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