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We’ve just received the latest update from Daniel Ouedraogo, one of our friends at A.E.A.D in Burkina Faso.

Hi Everyone!

I’m glad to share with you some new stories about our ministry here in Burkina Faso and in particular our kids’ education program. 

The school year is now over and some of the children who do not live at the Stafford Centre have returned home for their holidays and to prepare themselves for the next school year which starts in October.

At this time we are running children’s summer camps –  full of activities with different structures and groups. These camps gather at least 350 to 400 children from all over Burkina Faso and for a week they will be away from their parents but well supervised by leaders and instructors.

The children receive bible teaching according to the theme chosen by the camp organising committee. They also have a time of exchange between them and their leaders in each  group after the bible teaching. They also eat in groups and have several activities in their groups because towards the end of the camp the best group will be rewarded. 

Most of the children who attend the camps do not come from christian families and it is a good way to share the good news of the gospel. We know that children have already given their lives to Jesus during the camp and this will positively impact their families once they go home.

The social part is also essential at this level and we use the rice to feed the children and especially we give to the most destitute at the end of the camp so that they can have food when they return home.

Since June, we have had 3 groups of: 100 adults, 350 children and 300 children right now for their camp which ends on August 7th.

Burkina Faso – Stafford Centre Latest News
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