Cesar and Jessica Morales with their new books

We almost finished five months of this 2021 and I feel things are not coming to normal yet here in Peru. Although we thank God for everything, I cannot neglect that I expected to be back to my “normal life” at least just a bit. Things at school are still being doing by distance and we expect to do this during the rest of the year. Vaccination process is very slow so far and I hope to get my vaccine between August and September. Until time arrives, I have to keep my social distance and wearing double masks. Regarding school I can say that we are so far so good. Teachers are doing their best trying to keep contact with their students. Sometimes the task is very difficult because of internet problems. However, in general terms we are still good. Last week I had an important meeting with the board because they asked me to report about the school finances for this year. After three long hours they gave their approval. They congratulated my work during this pandemic. I praise God about that. On the other hand, our main concern is related to political area. We have to vote in our presidential election (second round) and no one candidate gives us the certainty of a better future. One of them has been very linked to corruption and the other one proposes a strong socialist paradigm. Our population, and even us, feel confused and sad because we don´t know what is going to happen to our country. Finally, a happy new!! After long hours of working sat in front of our laptops, Jessica and I published our books. We take that as a blessing because we did it during pandemic. Now, we are focused on distribution and paying our debts of printing. God is good!!!


Our dear friends, it has been a long time since our last letter but here we are again. The latest news is that thank God we already have our books printed. We trust that they will be a good tool for people that is being prepared for the service of God. It has been a great effort.
I am happy studying my master’s; I am learning a lot and I like it, it is about “family’s therapy”. I am also teaching theology; (that is a new topic for me) I started my first class nervous, but now I´m doing it better. I love teaching and I make a lot of effort preparing the classes. It is the first time that I teach this course, I have taught other times subjects of bible books and languages, especially Hebrew, but I accepted this challenge and I think I am doing it well (it´s every Saturday). Other thing that I have to share with you is that I have been invited to give the homily for Bible´s day in Bible Society of Perú. I am so, so, so nervous, but I think I can do it with God´s help. For that, I have to be very well prepared so more hard but nice work is coming.

This event will take place in September. I feel this is an honor and a great responsibility, please, pray for me
Also, I have been proposed to travel to USA to take care of a patient in the months of November to February, or perhaps from August to November.
Really, I do not want to go, but we are praying for what to do. They have told me that I could fix my schedule (taking care the patient) according to my needs (my master degree), so it is likely that I will go to work for those four months in the United States. I will tell you how things are in the coming months so you can help us with your prayers, please ask for God shows me His will.
Thank God we are fine, we have not gotten sick, and that is by God’s grace. I´ve been taking care of patients with Covid 3 times and I haven’t got the virus. That is a blessing.
As Cesar told you, our is living a difficult political time. Really, we don´t know what will happen, everything is uncertain and sometimes discourage but we must continue believing God is in control of everything.
This coming January 4th I will be 50 and February 1st It will be our 25 wedding anniversary, so we are dreaming.

Regarding our sons we can say that Cesar Jr. is doing well thanks God. He is still working in the bank and he is doing his best there. He is attending to his youth group and studying a subject in the church. Carlos is studying at university and he is doing his best as well. He attends and serves in the youth group.


  • May God gives wisdom for Cesar’s dad to lead the school during this time. Big decisions have to be made.
  • May God help us selling the books and finding places for making advertisement of it.
  • May God protect us from COVID-19 as well as our extended family.
  • May God give wisdom to Peruvians in next presidential election (June 6th). Democracy or Communism? It is quite important for our country.
  • May God provides us for our needs

Thanks for your love and for being family.
Love: Cesar´s dad, Jess, Cesar Jr and Carlos

News from the Morales Family – May 2021

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